Island Hopping on the Paradise Called Anambas


Most people think about Bawah Island (and the Bawah Resort) when talking about Anambas Islands. In term of tourism, Bawah is the most developed island in the whole Anambas Islands. However, Anambas is much more than just Bawah Resort.

Siantan Island. via Instagram/wisata_anambas

You can find many beautiful islands in this regency. Island hopping is a great way to enjoy the massive tourism potential on this archipelago. If you want to do so, here are some of the best islands to visit in Anambas.


This waterfall drops into the sea. via Instagram/arnoldkid

Siantan Island is relatively small, situated in the middle of the archipelago. The biggest town in Siantan is Tarempa. This island is also rather popular for religious traveler since you can also find Vihara Gunung Dewa and Jami Mosque.  There is also a magnificent Temburun Waterfall, a multi-tiered waterfall that flows directly into the sea.

Tanjung Momong

Having a civilized conversation by the beach at sunset. via Instagram/adventurekepri

This island offers generally wonderful landscape with calm waters and rich underwater life. As with many places in this area, you can easily find many beautiful white sand beaches along the shore of Tanjung Momong. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, the sunrise and sunset view of this island is also wonderful.


Exploring and enjoying the beach. via Instagram/fajarnasution

Durai is known as the little island where the turtle conservation takes place. There is a large bay with calm water, white sand beach, and rich underwater life. This small island is inhabited but you can see that everything is still in its pristine condition here. Apart from helping conservation effort, you can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling to see the vibrant life there.

Selat Rangsang

Snorkeling at Selat rangsang. via Instagram/bernardwildlife

Again, this island is blessed with white sand beach, rich underwater life, and generally wonderful panorama. In fact, those are the general qualities of the islands in Anambas. The special feature you can expect to find in Selat Rangsang is its shallow lagoon where you can see the beautiful color gradation from the white beach to the blue sea.


Penjalin Island. via Instagram/twotwinsmum

Similar to other beaches, Penjalin has beautiful beaches, wonderful lagoon, and vibrant reef. In Penjalin, you can find granite rock formations on its shore. Even though they are not as spectacular as in Belitung, they are still great to enjoy. The water is crystal clear, the wave is calm. There is nothing that will stand in your way to enjoying this place.

Selat Rangsang lagoon. via Instagram/lidya_26

Island hopping in Anambas can be a great choice if you want to cover as many places as possible while visiting this archipelago. Each island here has its own specialty that you might not find anywhere else.

Anambas Island Hopping