Exploring Black Sand Beaches in Ende


Ende is one of the biggest cities in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT). Located in the southern coast of Flores, this city is sitting on a peninsula. As a result, this city has a quite long coastline and you can find wonderful beaches in Ende.

Blue Stone Beach from above. via Instagram/sea_earth_pix

Unlike in many NTT’s best beaches, the ones in Ende doesn’t have white sand. Most of the beaches in Ende has black sand and some of them are littered with curious pebbles. Here are some of the unique beaches in Ende.

Ria Beach

Enjoying the Ria Beach. via Instagram/ayuslusiyanti

This is the most accessible beach in Ende. Only half a kilometer away from the city center, Ria is a favorite place for hanging out your Ende youngsters. The beach has black yet soft sand. The area is rather developed, you can find lovely seats to enjoy the majestic panorama. Come to this beach in the afternoon because the sunset at Ria Beach is simply breathtaking. That is why this beach is very popular during the afternoon.

Blue Stone Beach

There are lots of blue stones. via Instagram/wonderindonesian

Just as the name implies, there are lots of blue colored stones on this beach. It is unclear why there are so many smooth surfaced blue pebbles on this beach. Some people used to take these beautiful stones and then sell them. However, the sea always supplies them with more. However, it is unclear now whether taking the stones is legal now.

Mbu’u Beach

Mbu’u Beach. via Instagram/ryo_mtf

This is another black sandy beach. The panorama is wonderful with mountainous background and lovely sea. One of the mountains is really unique, it is called Gunung Meja (Table Mountain). The name comes from the fact that it has a flat top. It is not a natural phenomenon, though. The mountaintop was cut to make easy landing for which come to Haji Hasan Aroeboesman Airport.

Tangga Alam Beach

Admiring the view at Tangga Alam Beach. via Instagram/amelia_litmantoro

The beach has pitch black silica sand. The location is not too far from the city center. You can also see Table Mountain from this beach. The sand is soft, the panorama is wonderful, and it is really photogenic. The road leading to this beach is also quite exotic with so tall cliffs at both sides of the road.

The black Ria Beach. via Instagram/nekynitbani

Ende is a wonderful place to explore in Flores Island. There are several beaches in Ende that you can enjoy. Typically, the beaches here have black sand and beautiful panorama. One of them has a unique feature with so many blue stones.

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