The Most Interesting Destinations in Bacan Island


In Indonesia, Bacan Island is popular for its green gems, aptly named Bacan Stone. This stone was so sought after when gemstone craze swept Indonesia several years ago. Bacan stone was so expensive, one pebble of this gem can cost up to a million rupiahs. However, Bacan Island is much more than that. There are several wonderful destinations in Bacan that you can explore.

Dermaga Merah a.k.a Sibela Beach. via Instagram/gfrnbngs

Bacan Island is located in North Maluku Province, sitting directly to the south of Halmahera Island. Before known as the island with precious gemstone, Bacan is one of the spice islands in Maluku area. Here are some of the best destinations in Bacan Island.

Ake Wayaua

The small white sand island. via Instagram/ladja_ladjima24

Locals also call this small island Pasir Putih Wayaua (Wayaua White Sand). You might already guess that this is a white sand island. It is really small yet mesmerizing. This tiny island is only a few meters long and it doesn’t support any vegetation. You can get around this island is probably five minutes’ walk. You can get to the island overland or by boat. The road is in bad shape and treacherous. So if you want more comfort, you’d better choose the boat.

Bibinoi Waterfall

The refreshing Bibinoi Waterfall. via Instagram/dhiyaaekasrimurty_

Getting to Bibinoi Waterfall can be a bit challenging and yet rewarding experience. You have to trek through coconut orchard and several other fruit orchards. You then have to walk along the river. You can actually find two waterfalls along this stream. The first one is a rather big waterfall. The second one isn’t as big but there is also a cave nearby.

Dermaga Biru and Dermaga Merah

Dermaga Merah. Via Instagram/gfrnbngs

In terms of tourism, this is probably the most developed area in Bacan. Just like the names, they are blue and red docks. It is a recreation area in Bacan. Dermaga Biru (Blue Dock) is great for swimming and snorkeling, with several food stalls nearby. Dermaga Merah is also called Sibela Beach. This is a great place to unwind with several resorts nearby.

Bacan Bridge

The famed bacan Bridge. via Instagram/fridamayarustiqa

At a glance, there is nothing special about this beach. It is just a small roofed bridge that isn’t that impressive. This bridge connects the Amasing Kota Village and North Amasing Kota Village. The reason why this bridge is so special is that in the center part of the path, they use Bacan Stones instead of regular cobblestone. The Bacan stones used for this bridge might value even more than the actual material needed to build the bridge.

The small Wayaua. via Instagram/irsyad18396

Bacan is an island with several wonderful spots to explore. However, the infrastructure to get to the best destinations in Bacan is not yet developed fully. You might encounter some harsh road but those places will not disappoint you.

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