Ghost P.I. Hotel, a Haunted Abandoned Palace at the Hills of Bedugul


There are many abandoned buildings in Bali, one of the most famous ones is the abandoned theme park in Sanur. Of course, some people believe that the place is haunted because people just love assuming that dilapidated buildings are home to spiritual or astral being, whatever you call it.

Tropical shower. via Instagram/mrs.kuzmenkot

However, there is an even bigger abandoned building in Bedugul. P.I Hotel is an abandoned integrated resort project. The sheer size of this place alone would probably enough to wow every tourist who stumbles into this place. Here are some facts about the ghost palace of Bedugul.

An abandoned project

You will be greeted by many serpents, somewhat looks like a headstone in the mist. via Instagram/heymarcells

The official name of this place is P.I. Bedugul, which is an integrated resort with hotel, restaurants, and theme park. The construction started in the 90s and abruptly stopped in the early 2000s. This place is massive!

There are lots of big rooms, halls, offices, and restaurants and several other buildings. The entire estate was built on a ridge of a hill, and it creates a spectacular view from the side and from above.

Slowly claimed back by nature

Vines and grasses dominate the hotel. via Instagram/svyatenko_sergey

There was a restoration attempt in the mid-2000s but the effort was stopped because of financial problem. The resort was virtually untouched since then and Mother Nature start claiming it back. You can see it clearly, even from a far away.

Vines, bushes, trees, and moss overrun this place, almost in every part of it. The floor that was once looked so elegant now is covered with muds and sand.

Myth and legend of the ghost palace               

Mist shrouding the hotel. via Instagram/kozna

There are two main theories as to why the development of this resort was stopped. The first was because the resort is haunted. The soul of people who dies during the construction haunts this place eternally. Some others claim that there is a soul of a girl who will haunt everyone who dares to enter the place at night.

Locals also often hear some sort of partying uproar coming from the resort although there is nothing happening. All of those paranormal activities stopped the construction.

A beautiful hall. via Instagram/lenasava

The more plausible reason is that the development was stopped because the main investor, Tommy Soeharto was jailed. With the main investor unable to finance this project, the development was halted indefinitely.

Evidently, the construction never took off successfully again. The state of this resort today is a sad reminder of ‘what could have been’.

Getting more popular

The actual view from the hotel is actually very beautiful on a clear day. via Instagram/wondsvgw

Obviously, this resort has been there for a while but it’s just getting popular at the end of 2015 when a tourist named Jacob Laukaitis stumbled on this place when lost during his travel. He then recorded his experience there and uploaded it in his YouTube account that garnered lots of attention.

Since then, many big media in Indonesia have covered this place. Strangely enough, this resort is getting popular among the tourists in Bali too in recent years.

This hotel is massive. via Instagram/sisifuru

As of now, entering this resort is free for everyone. P.I. Hotel Bedugul now is a trendy place, considered instagramable and many people come here to explore and take pictures in its strange yet picturesque atmosphere.

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