Island Hopping in Tobelo, North Halmahera


Halmahera is the biggest island in the Maluku islands. Once popular worldwide for its remarkable spices, Halmahera is still a relatively pristine island with lots of beautiful spots all around it. It’s not just on the island, you can even do an island hopping activity in Halmahera, especially around the city of Tobelo in North Halmahera.

Powelo Island. via Instagram/aldi_fatriadi09

There are many beautiful small islands around North Halmahera. Granted that you can only reach those islands with a boat. Admittedly, getting to the islands is not the easiest thing to do but their beauties will make all the effort worthwhile. If island-hopping in Tobelo is your goal, then here are some islands you can visit.

Pawole Island

Lovely little Pawole. via Instagram/alifarisassagaf

This small island is located at the northeast of Tobelo, a city in Halmahera. Indeed, this small uninhabited island is your typical tropical paradise. White sand stretch, turquoise water, great panorama all around. This is a great place to relax since it is very unlikely that you will encounter any crowd here. You can also see the outline of Halmahera Island from Pawole.

Meti Island

A deck at Meti Island. via Instagram/fajargilangpratama

Meti or Miti Island is roughly 25 kilometers away from Tobelo. Compared to other islands that scatter around Halmahera, Meti is relatively big. furthermore, you can find wonderful beaches, calm waters, and rich underwater life. Needless to say, most tourist come here to explore its waters by snorkeling or diving.

Tagalaya Island

Enjoying Tagalaya. via Instagram/ilhamarch

Well, this island is also close to Tobelo, roughly only 7 kilometers away off the coast of the city. The waters here are calm, the scenery is second to none, and the beaches are just perfect. Additionally, with pristine marine life and good visibility all year round, this island is a great place to snorkel and dive.

Kakara Island

Visiting Kakara. via Instagram/piknik.lagi

This island is even closer to Tobelo, only two kilometers away from the city’s port. It is practically facing the city from the sea. Moreover, This island is a haven for drone photography enthusiasts. You can shot a wonderful picture of the gradation of colors here. You will be able to shoot dramatic color such as green coconut trees, white sand beach, and all the way to the big blue of the sea.

Floating at Meti Island. via Instagram/fajargilangpratama

There are dozens of islands you can visit near Tobelo, a relatively big city for Halmahera’s standard. These islands are easily reached from the city’s port. Since they are not too far away from each other, they can be a great destination for island hopping in Tobelo.

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