Instagenic Tree Houses and Javan Deer in Masigit Kareumbi


Bandung used to have a legal hunting zone in the eastern part of its area. Masigit Kareumbi forest was used for hunting park area with the introduction of several deer species. As time goes, the hunting park was restructured several times and today, it has become a conservation area.

Wonderful treehouse. via Instagram/nandyars

Taman Buru Masigit Kareumbi (TBMK) literally means Masigit Kareumbi Hunting Park, is now a protected area with an integrated tourism and conservation effort. This forest is very popular among nature lovers, climbers, and of course conservationists. Here is what you need to know about Taman Buru Masigit Kareumbi.


Walking on the forest. via Instagram/adedsukmana

TBMK is officially located at Leuwiliang, Tanjungwangi, Cicalengka, Bandung. However, with an area of 12,420 hectares, the actual area of TBMK is located in three regencies; Bandung, Garut, and Sumedang. The name Masigit Kareumbi is taken from the Pasir Masigit in the eastern part of the park and Mount Kareumbi in the western part.

Tree Adoption

You can adopt a tree. via Instagram/slmn_ag

To increase the public’s involvements in conservation efforts, TBMK uses a unique approach. They offer tree adoption. You have to pay IDR50,000 adoption fee. In return, you will receive a pin and certificate of the adoption. You can even check your tree child any time online. If you adopt 100 trees, you get a block named after you. 1000 trees get you a hill, and 6000 trees get you a forest.


A tree cabin. via Instagram/arissevtiee

TBMK has six tree houses, each is unique and made from different type of wood. Each house is named based on the main material. You can find pine, cypress, damar, and several others. All material are scavenged from dead trees in this forest. The tree houses are unique, to say the least, because it looks and feels like fusing perfectly with nature.

To live among the trees. via Instagram/panjialm4005

The rate for a tree house with six people capacity is IDR450,000 per night while the bigger one with a capacity of 8 people is IDR550,000 per night. If you come to a large group, you can just book all of the tree houses. If you do so, the whole area will be sterilized and you can have them all for yourselves.

Camping Ground and Outbound

Camping ground. via Instagram/wisata.alamtropis

TBMK has a quite large camping area that can accommodate hundreds of people. This area is also perfect for gathering and outbound activities. The management will try their best to provide anything you need to help you get the best experience.

Exploring the forest. via Instagram/elisachand

You can also enjoy many other activities here such as Night hiking, jungle trekking, river trekking, visiting an enclave village, canoeing, knife throwing, and survival training. If you need to customize your group activity here, you just need to discuss it with the management, they will be happy to help.

Javan deer. via Instagram/kukeharjono

With the entrance fee of only IDR7500 during weekdays and 11250 during weekends, visiting Taman Buru Masigit Kareumbi is a great choice for a refreshing holiday. Apart from the wonderful panorama and myriad of activities, you can also see the deer breeding project here.

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