Sharia Hotels in Pantura Java’s Northern Coast Road


Sharia Hotel has become somewhat a trend in the Indonesian hospitality business. With the massive effort to develop halal tourism in Indonesia, sharia hotels are absolutely necessary. Consequently, you can now find several sharia hotels in Pantura, Java’s Northern Coast Road. This can be important for those who travel along this popular route.

Pesonna Hotel Gresik. via Instagram/wisatagresik

Pantura is the main road connecting the western part of Java to the east. This is also the main road for those who are mudik, returning home during Lebaran holiday. Here are some of the sharia hotels in Pantura that you can choose.

Hotel Mira Syariah Cirebon

Hotel Mira Cirebon. via Instagram/miftakhuulfatul

There is a chance that you are trapped in a massive traffic jam in Cipali Toll Road during your journey eastward. If that happens, you can rest at the Hotel Mira Syariah in Cirebon. As with many sharia hotels, you can expect facilities that will ease the Islamic practice. Additionally, the rates at this hotel start from IDR250,000 per night. Meanwhile, the location is at Jl. Moh. Toha No.41, Kesenden, Kejaksan, Cirebon, West Java.

Riez Palace Hotel Tegal

Riez Palace Hotel. via Instagram/evieta26

This hotel is located on the main Pantura road, in the center of Tegal City. It is roughly five kilometers away from the Trans-Java Toll Road. If you need a place to rest and relax during your travel via Pantura, there are few hotels that are better than Riez Palace. The rates at this sharia hotel start at IDR350,000 per night. Finally, Riez Palace Hotel is at Jl. Gajah Mada No.75, Mintaragen, East Tegal, Tegal, Central Java.

Namira Hotel Pekalongan

Namira Hotel Pekalongan. via Instagram/eko_roedal

If you have to rest while you are at Pekalongan, your best choice would be Namira Hotel. This sharia hotel will provide you with excellent service, complete Islamic facilities, and affordable rate. The hotel is at strategically located in the center of the city, less than a kilometer from the main Pantura road. Rates at this hotel start at IDR389,000 per night. Lastly, Namira Hotel is at Jl. DR. Cipto Mangunkusomo No.70, Poncol, East Pekalongan, Pekalongan, Central Java.

Semesta by Horison Hotel Semarang

Semesta Hotel. via Isntagram/semestahotel_semarang

This is one of the most popular sharia hotels in Central Java. Furthermore, this hotel is approximately one kilometer to the south of main Pantura Road. Strategically located in the middle of the city, Semesta Hotel provides an incredible service for Muslims. All your Islamic religious need will probably be supported at this hotel. The rates here start at IDR506,000 per night. Finally, Semesta Hotel is at Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No.125-127, Bangunharjo, Central Semarang, Semarang, Central Java.

Hotel Pesonna Gresik

Pesonna Hotel Gresik. via Instagram/pesonnahotelgresik

This hotel is approximately two kilometers to the north of Pantura Road. It is very close to the coast, you might get the sea view from the higher level of the hotel. This three-star sharia hotel is indeed a great place to rest, in spite of its location. You will also enjoy complete halal hospitality here. Rates at Hotel Pesonna Gresik starts from IDR453,000 per night. Lastly, this hotel’s address is Jalan Panglima Sudirman No.1, Sumberrejo, Pulopancikan, Gresik, East Java.

Walisongo Hotel Surabaya

Walisongo Hotel. via Instagram/erwin_toko_nayla_tehnik

This hotel is located at the northern part of the city, near the grave of Sunan Ampel, a saint that spread Islam in Java. This is a great place to stay if you also want to do a pilgrimage as well. Aside from that, the rate here is very interesting, especially considering it’s in Surabaya. The rates here start at IDR95,000 per night. Lastly, Walisongo Hotel Surabaya is at Jl. Petukangan No.26-30, Ampel, Semampir, Surabaya, East Java.

Namira Hotel. via Instagram/pijat.pekalongan

If you travel via Pantura, the northern coast road of Java, you will not find any difficulties finding hotels. However, there are not so many sharia hotels in Pantura, effectively require you to plan your journey well if you want to stay in one.

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